FarmHer: Shearing Day in Texas

  • Ready for a busy day
    Barbara Mazurek, 78, actively operates two large ranches in the Texas hill country north of San Antonio, raising cattle and goats with the occasional help of her children and grandchildren. Here, she gets ready for shearing day, which includes preparing a meal for friends and family coming to help.

    Photos by Marji Guyler-Alaniz

  • Time for a haircut!
    This curly-locked Angora goat waits its turn for shearing.

  • Time to suit up
    Julie Mazurek ties a bandana around her hair in preparation for helping with shearing day on her mother-in-law's ranch. 

  • Barber and doctor
    Barbara Mazurek prepares a shot for one of her freshly shorn goats. Mazurek raises goats and cattle for meat as well as Angora goats for hair.

  • Time for a tag
    Barbara Mazurek handles one of her goats, bringing it to her son, Raegan, for tagging.  

  • Goat round-up
    Julie Mazurek drives a herd of Angora goats towards the shearing shed.  

  • Managing shearing day
    Barbara Mazurek stands near the entrance to barn where her herd of Angora goats is being sheared.  

  • Multi-tasking
    It makes sense to administer shots and tag goats as needed on shearing day, when they're rounded up in the barn.

  • Harvesting hair
    Once the shearing is complete, Barbara Mazurek gathers the freshly sheared mohair from the floor.

  • Take your vitamins!
    Once the goats are shorn, Julie Mazurek gives them vitamins before they are released back into the pasture.

  • Life's work
    Barbara Mazurek grew up in a ranching family and it has been her life's work. It's easy to see that she enjoys her work!

  • Wrangling goats
    Julie Mazurek holds one of her mother-in-law's Angora goats on shearing day.

Photographer Marji Guyler-Alaniz shares behind-the scenes images of shearing day on 78-year-old Barbara Mazurek's Texas ranch.

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