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FarmHers on Film

Learn more about the female farmers and ranchers in the FarmHer project

By Marji Guyler-Alaniz

I'm the photographer behind the images of FarmHer. I started the FarmHer project about four years ago in an effort to show the women of agriculture in their real and everyday roles.  

Since then, the project has grown and changed, but our mission today remains the same: Shine a light on the very important part that women play in agriculture. Today, the FarmHer project has expanded to a merchandise business, events for women, and a national TV show airing on RFD-TV. 

Since I started FarmHer, I have put thousands upon thousands of miles on my car, racked up too many airline miles to count, stayed in more than my fair share of Holiday Inns, and visited hundreds of women on their farms and ranches around the country.  

I have traveled from the shores of California to the waters of coastal Maine, and I’ve visited farms from Wisconsin to Texas. I have witnessed the sun rise gloriously over the cool morning air on a Wisconsin dairy, and I have seen the warm setting sun over Nebraska hayfields. I have picked blueberries in Florida and grapes in California.  

No matter where I land, one thing stays true: It is always interesting. After each visit, I walk away with a deeper connection to the land, a better knowledge of myself, and a greater understanding of the world of agriculture and the important role women play in it.

Each woman I meet on every farm I visit has an amazing story to tell. She is a FarmHer, connected to the land – caring for her animals, feeding her people, and being involved in her community.

Join me for a new column each month as I take you along on my FarmHer journey.

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