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Finding the Extra in the Ordinary

There are a lot of things in life that tempt me. Chocolate; new boots; all food cooked in and with lots of butter. Sometimes it’s not food or boots that tempt me as much as my own thoughts, though, and recently, it’s been the temptation to believe the lie that my life is boring and ordinary. From the outside – and even from the inside – in a lot of ways, it can be, I guess. Every morning, noon, and night look and feel virtually the same. But even in the same, there can be different, and sometimes I have to stop and remind myself.

For 10 years, I burned up the road in a sales job, and every day was different. The travel was exciting, purposeful, and anything but mundane. Then I parked my truck and the ever-changing scenery became the same-old scenery, and life became the same-old thing, day in and day out. Even though I wear a lot of hats as a mom, wife, photographer, and writer, it all plays itself out daily in a somewhat ordinary kind of way. Until I choose to see it otherwise.

The fact is, my life is not so mundane – and neither is yours, if you take time to notice. There is always extra in the ordinary. Sometimes we just have to look extra hard to find it. There are moments every day on this farm – and in your life – doing the same things over and over, that beauty and that extra can be found. From the moments my kids get something in school they’ve been struggling with, to helping a calf nurse for the first time, to learning how to use another piece of equipment, to pulling in the drive to see a surprise picnic set up in the field by my child. These are the extra that make the ordinary anything but, and taking the time to not only see these moments but also to cherish them is worth fighting the temptation not to.

Hi! I’m Meredith, a perfectly imperfect farm wife and mama to two who found myself on a farm and continues to find myself through this life I've come to cherish. I'd love to connect with you and hear more of your story. You can find me on  Facebook , Instagram and  Twitter .

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