Getting Back Up

Everyone gets knocked down from time to time, but FarmHers get back up.

FarmHers are strong and resilient. More often than not, when they get knocked down, they get right back up. 

Carey Portell (shown below) is no different. Seven years ago, she was driving to town. One second, she was laughing with her daughters in the back seat. The next, she looked up and knew her life would be forever changed. 

A 1-ton pickup was barreling toward her at 80 mph. She had no time to react. The accident trapped Portell in her vehicle, and it took the EMTs more than an hour to cut her out. 

Miraculously, she survived, but her pelvis and ankles were shattered. The man who hit her wasn’t wearing a seat belt and was killed on impact. If he had lived, this would have been his fifth drunk driving offense.

Portell’s journey since the accident has been the true test. After weeks in the hospital, 12 surgeries, and more pain than anyone should ever endure, she was able to walk again. 

She credits doing daily chores on the farm and working with the cattle and horses for motivating her to get back up. The farm and the cattle became her emotional therapy. As she gained strength and confidence, it became physical therapy as well.

To say Portell is strong is an understatement. When life handed her a situation that would knock many people down for good, she got back up. 

Portell believes her life was spared so she can spread her message to others. Portell is passionate, proud, hardworking, strong, caring, and full of faith. Portell is a FarmHer.  

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