I See You, FarmHers

Regardless of your season of life, you need to know you are seen.

You’re carrying a big load on your back.  

I see you, FarmHer, leading that pig around the show ring, showing the world you are here.

I see you, FarmHer, headed off to college, trying to figure out your way.

I see you, FarmHer, as a young woman, just out of school and really, really on your own for the first time.  

I see you, FarmHer, returning to the farm to carry on the family heritage.

I see you, FarmHer, as my friend, working harder than ever before to make your own dreams into a reality.

I see you, FarmHer, as a new mother, figuring out who you are now and how to balance that with your world.

I see you, FarmHer, giving away your time to a greater cause – for faith, family, and community.

I see you, FarmHer, working hard to balance life, and that balance never seems quite right.

I see you, FarmHer, with a growing family and a growing business or career. This point is hard and there’s no end in sight.

I see you, FarmHer, trying to walk the line; trying to sustain the business so it is there for the generations.

I see you, FarmHer, doing the chores and making ends meet, day in and day out, quietly and without fail.

I see you, FarmHer, in what can be the struggle and joy of family.

I see you, FarmHer, falling and getting back up again, starting over, and giving it your all.

I see you, FarmHer, dreaming about what is next and running after what is reality.

You’re carrying a big load on your back; we all are. So be gentle to your fellow FarmHer, for you never know how big her load might be.

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