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Searching for Discovery in our Roots

     I'm 29 years old, and I've reached a point in my life where I have
some sort of control on what direction it's heading based on the
decisions I make right now. Short background: I am a single mom of a
beautiful 10-year-old daughter who has recently moved to northern
California to live with her dad. For the past 10 years my daughter has
been my #1 priority. It's been a big adjustment and after gathering my
thoughts and organizing my emotions, I have come to the light. 

Going from
graduating high school and becoming a mother in less than one year, I
skipped a big step, passed go, and completely missed what everyone should
experience at some point in time. Discovery. Discovery of what you want
to do with your life. Discovery of who you are and who you want to be
as you transition into complete adulthood. Now, after 10 years, by the
grace of God I have been given a second chance. It's scary, exciting and
mostly liberating at the idea's I have, the places I want to see and
the life experiences I want to have. 
After giving all of this much
thought I have come to two major realizations. My first, and mostly
yearned for, is to travel. Expand my horizons. Inhale the splendid
grandeur of our great country. Second, and more random of the two, is to
live and work on a farm. So, I've combined the two and come up with
what I hope to be the greatest experience of my life apart from having
my daughter, of course. I want to travel the beautiful USA while staying
at family farms moving state to state. I have no limit on how long I
will be in one place. I'm putting that in God's hands. As a matter of
fact, I'm putting all of this in God's hands. My goal is to stay with
good grounded Christian families, who still stand for morals, values, and
freedom, with family farms that include horses. I am asking for room
and board plus a weekly allowance. In return, I am willing to work from
sun up to sun down, Monday through Saturday, leaving Sundays for
I feel like the best way I can grasp what I'm looking for in
myself and out of life is to get down to the roots of what our country
was built upon. Hard work, determination, and perseverance. I want to
grow up from the woman I have been and break through to a stronger, more
grounded woman that appreciates life. I want to live. 
If any part of
what you have read has struck a chord in your heart and you would like
to be a part of my journey, then please contact me. Whether it's for a
family member, friend, or yourself, I would love to hear from you. Until
then, I look forward to what my future holds.
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