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FarmHer: The Busy Years

Even when schedules are full, take time for friends who make you a better you.

These are the busy years of my life. The years filled with soccer games and football; the years of building a business and running at my dreams; the years of being a wife, daughter, manager, and just all-around frantic person. These are the years when it seems like a chore to find the extra time to do much of anything, including see my friends. 

I am blessed to be able to do what I love with FarmHer while being surrounded by a team of women who are not only my coworkers, but also my friends. Carly Cummings is the FarmHer events and merchandise manager; Lexi Marek is the communications and marketing coordinator.

In November, that team and I set off on a road trip to host a series of “Grow” events to inspire young women in agriculture around the Midwest. We were joined by keynote speakers Carrie Mess, author of the Dairy Carrie blog; Cristen Clark, editor of; and Natalina Sents, author of the Roots Journey blog.

We knew each other before the trip, but hundreds of miles, too much food, not quite enough sleep, a few bottles of wine, and a whole lot of laughs later, we came out as friends. We’re friends who can share embarrassing or sad stories with each other and know that we won’t be judged. We’re friends who can laugh at what a mess our hair is in the morning and who can recognize when one of us is out of steam and needs a break.  

Reflecting on our fun trip and my new tribe of amazing women that I now call friends, I am reminded how important it is to keep up with the relationships in my life. Friends like these aren’t just a luxury to fit in when I have spare time. They are a necessity. They make me a better version of me­ – a version with a few less stress wrinkles and a few more laugh lines.  

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