The farm is our kids’ playground

Our sons may not have been to the local playground lately, but they have had an even bigger place to play – our farm.  

After a rain, and we’ve had plenty in eastern North Carolina this year, I’ve watched them put on their boots and jump in muddy puddles. I’ve pulled more than one child out of a mud hole when their boot got stuck. The boot dryer has been pulling overtime drying out their boots, which you can hear sloshing as they walk across the yard.  

On one of our walks around the farm, they jumped corn rows early in the season; now they can play hide-and-seek in the cornfield. We’ve followed deer tracks to see where they went in the field. They’ve pretended to be campers and explorers, looking for firewood or treasure.  

The boys race each other down the rows of soybeans. Then they compete to see who can jump farther over the trenches dug to drain the field after a big rain, which kept the soybeans from downing.  

Pulling weeds has become a favorite activity of our oldest son, and he often takes his shovel and digs them up.  He’s planted a few mustard plants in our side yard because he said they had beautiful yellow flowers. They grew much better than the azaleas I bought and planted.

Their trucks, backhoes, and other construction equipment have been hard at work in the field edges building hotels, skyscrapers, libraries, and other buildings.  

Every day we have “bunny watch” where we look for the rabbits that live under the shed in our backyard. Most of the time when we find them in the soybean field. The boys have started leaving food for them but the bunnies still prefer the beans. Yields will be down in that part of the field, but we have healthy bunnies.  

We even found a nest with five babies so we’ve been learning about kits and what they like to do. A few times they have seen the rabbits playing in the yard, chasing each other and jumping on one another, so it’s not just our kids enjoying the outside.  

Whether its kits or kids, the farm is a great place to play.

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