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Vintage Successful Farming spring covers

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    May 1909

    These little boys have apparently finished their chores, and they're spending the afternoon playing a game of marbles in the yard. The frame border around this cover photo is in an ornate art deco style.

  • 2

    March 1911

    This fun cover of Grandpa in the garden was illustrated by Jay Norwood "Ding" Darling. He was best known for his conservation and political cartoons, drawn for newspapers in Des Moines and New York City.

  • 3

    May 1913

    Herbert Stitt created this comical illustration. The young boy is getting a good talking-to from his teacher, apparently for skipping school to go fishing. Who can blame him? The artist was born in 1880 and worked as a ranch hand.

  • 4

    March 1914

    This illustration of a young man dreading the chore of helping his grandmother in the garden looks like something from the cover of the Saturday Evening Post, and with good reason! Artist Charles A. MacLellan painted 44 covers.

  • 5

    April 1914

    In this cover illustration, the grandfather is attempting to build fence. He has dug a hole, and has the wood post and roll of wire fencing lying nearby. His granddaughter has other ideas for that freshly dug hole, however.

  • 6

    February 1917

    Here's another cover illustration by Charles A. MacLellan, best known for his Saturday Evening Post covers. This farm wife carefully feeds her chicks, no doubt thinking about how delicious they will be when they grow up!

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    March 1917

    In this Charles A. McLellan cover, Grandma and Grandpa are looking through seed catalogs, choosing which tomatoes to plant. Nothing chases away the cold-weather blues of late winter like looking through seed catalogs.

  • 8

    April 1917

    Frank Leonard Stick is the artist who painted this tender scene of a farmer carrying a newborn calf. The mama is keeping a close eye on her baby. Stick was born in the Dakota Territory in 1884, and was well known for his outdoor illustrations.

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    March 1918

    This Charles A. MacLellan cover features his painting, "The first line trenches." It shows a farm wife carefully starting tomato seeds in a box. In the background, her husband works in the field with his team of horses.

  • 10

    May 1918

    This Charles A. MacLellan painting, "The joy of ownership," shows a young boy receiving a shipment of a purebred piglet at the train station. He looks so excited to have a special pig of his own. Will he show it at the fair?

  • 11

    May 1922

    "May Blossoms" by Charles A. MacLellan graces the cover of this vintage Successful Farming issue. The woman seems swept away by the scent of spring cherry blossoms. After a long winter, what a welcome sign of spring!

  • 12

    May 1927

    This is a classic farm scene! The farmer is perched on his tractor, hard at work planting his crop. Note the steel wheels on his tractor. Rubber tires weren't widely used on tractors until the early 1930s.

  • 13

    March 1929

    How adorable is this red-cheeked little farm boy? He's all ready for Easter, with his church clothes, fluffy bunny, and duck-filled basket.

  • 14

    March 1931

    These little ones seem very excited about a sure sign of spring: a bluebird outside their bedroom window! The bed looks so comfy and the quilt is beautiful!

  • 15

    April 1932

    There is no patchwork quilt as beautiful as the one made by farm fields. Seeing farms and small towns from the sky is always a sight to behold. This classic 1932 cover captures it perfectly.

  • 16

    April 1941

    Mrs. Russell Smith and her daughter, Sylvia, are featured on this classic Successful Farming cover. Mrs. Smith is carrying a box of baby chicks into the barn, followed by Sylvia, carrying a feeder and bucket of feed.

  • 17

    March 1944

    This photo depicts H.A. Snyder of Pennnsylvania, pouring seeds into the hopper to sow. His wood hopper with a copper liner, "The Clipper," was manufactured in the late 1800s by A.T. Farrel & Co. in Saginaw, Michigan.

  • 18

    April 1944

    Here, Isabelle Johnson and her son, Leonard, are touted as a poultry-improvement team. The Michigan duo are carefully inspecting a new shipment of chicks. Leonard is wearing his Future Farmers of America sweater.

  • 19

    March 1945

    Successful Farming readers were often featured on the cover of the magazine during this period. The caption here says, "Audria Young, Kansas, plans her canning at the seed rack."

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