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FarmHer: Where I Wouldn't Be

As FarmHer turns five, founder Marji Guyler-Alaniz looks back – and ahead.

Just a few short years ago, it was time for a major life change and I took a leap, leaving my career behind in search of something more. Many times, I have wondered if that was the right choice. 

While I don’t always know the answer, what I do know for sure is where I wouldn’t be if I hadn’t taken that leap.

I wouldn’t have traveled to a farm in western Iowa on a rainy spring morning in April of 2013 to take the pictures that would become life-changing. Those were the first images I took for what came to be FarmHer.

I wouldn’t have stepped out of my comfort zone, speaking and sharing FarmHer with any audience that would listen.

I wouldn’t have partnered with RFD-TV to create FarmHer, the TV show. Now in our third season, we have the blessing of sharing the stories of amazing women around the country.

I wouldn’t get to see women come together to connect and learn from each other at our FarmHer events. The connections made at these events are priceless, and the growth I see happen before my eyes is amazing!

I wouldn’t be sitting here looking at 149,000-plus (and growing) uses of #FarmHer on Instagram. Check it out. It’s real. There are women gaining strength and growing in their roles in agriculture all over the world.

After my leap, I kept going and found my passion in FarmHer. Since then, I have pushed, climbed, scraped, and stumbled my way into something so much more. If you are struggling with a decision today about taking a leap – big or small – dig deep for your courage and go for it. 

Use that courage to propel yourself forward to the next big thing or the next little joy in your life. You just never know what is around the corner!

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