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WhyIFarm Mandy Bryant's Handling Farm's Transition To Next Generation

Beck’s is excited to release
the latest Why I Farm video featuring the story of Long Vue Farms in
Allensville, Ky. For Mandy Bryant, the decision to take over the family farm
was an easy one. Developing a passion and love for farming at an early age, Mandy
views her responsibilities at Long Vue not just as a job, but a way life. A
life she knew she could never walk away from.

and her father, Larry Thompson, operate Long Vue Farms with their farm
operations partner, Jason Head. Check out the latest Why I Farm video to learn
more about their operation and how they are handling the farm’s transition to
the next generation.


“It really tugs at my heart strings, the thought of someone
else operating this land.

It just isn’t an option.

~ Mandy Bryant

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At Beck’s, we know being a farmer isn’t a job. It’s a way of life. A life
filled with honor, courage and duty; both in and out of the field. A life
empowered by dreams, inspired by God’s wisdom. And a life not only devoted to a
community, but the world.

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