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Women in Ag: 59 Harvests

This year marks the 59th harvest for my grandpa. Our family first started farming in America in 1843, but my grandpa has truly built the farm I grew up on from the ground up. Today, he farms with his two sons and a handful of his grandkids on the ground that he has bought piece by piece over the last 59 years. 

Farming is unique in that it is so multigenerational. In other professions, it isn't unheard of to have two or three generations in the same line of work. But farming? Five generations or more is fairly common. It is truly a labor of love that is passed down from generation to generation. My family is cold, hard proof of that. 
Next spring, my grandpa will plant his 60th crop. What an incredible accomplishment! Something tells me there will be a harvest celebration like you've never seen before around this time next year!
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