Women in Ag: 8 Farm Life Hacks

  • One of my favorite must-have items is a dry erase marker. I
    use it for everything. I label our bulk feed bins with contents for new
    drivers, leave reminders on the milk house wall next to switches, even write on
    equipment if I need to! Notes can always be cleaned off with cleaner or good
    old hand sanitizer.

    - Kim
    Abashian Sanders

  • We have dry erase boards everywhere! In the shop for general
    notes and in the spray truck by the mixing tank. Then everyone knows what was
    in last, if it was rinsed or we even write the chemical rates and what goes in
    a batch. It's been a life saver!

    - Rita Herford

  • Pencil bags work well for truck papers so papers don't blow
    away and I use a backpack during busy seasons to transport needed items between

    -Deb Bates Mehl 

  • Nail mouse traps with scrap paper in them to fence
    posts/walls in the barn. Use them to label pens with feed regimen, meds, etc.,
    easily and leave notes for others. They're stronger than most cheap clipboards
    and fit on even small fenceposts.

    -Heather Kessler 

  • Use hockey goalie equipment if you have to be the calf
    pusher inner!

    -Megan Brown 

    Shin guards on your arms work well when dealing with first
    calf heifers that like to kick a lot during milking!

    - Kim Abashian Sanders 

  • Old medicine droppers or syringes with measurements for
    children's or infant Tylenol work great for giving drenches or other meds for
    small livestock or even farm dogs and cats.

    - Leslie Shuler Svacina 

  • My daughter used to show cattle and would come home covered
    with stuff that wouldn't come out. Other show moms told me to pour a can of Coke
    in the wash with the dirty clothes. Works wonders!

    -Lois Luebbert French 

  • Yep those are my kitchen gloves he's using for his foamer .
    Yet another household tool used for the farm.

    -Bree Smith

These handy tips will change your life!

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