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Women in Ag: Baby’s First Shock

Mark it down in the baby book: August 2016 - Baby’s first shock from the electric fence.

If you live on a farm with electric fence, you’ve been shocked by it at least once. I am no exception to that rule, and now either is my unborn child. Before she even really entered the world, baby girl got to experience her very first shock via Momma! I was simply trying to make the hot wire safer since it backs up to our backyard; I didn't want anyone accidentally shocking themselves, certainly not kids. So, naturally, I shocked myself in the process. Figures. 

Thanks to modern technology, I was about to quickly check to make sure baby girl’s heart was still beating in my belly. I’m not sure there would have been a lot of research or shared experiences to go off of if I had Googled, “Does electric shot hurt unborn babies?”

Once I was sure baby girl was OK, I couldn't stop chuckling about the whole thing. What an experience that must have been in utero! Certainly unlike anything she had experienced to date. Get ready, girl, there are even more things like that to experience on the farm once you’re here!

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