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Women in Ag: Homegrown Meals

The best part about freezing garden vegetables all summer long is having homegrown meals year-round! By mid-September, I’m usually cursing all of the chopping, prepping, and freezing going on with our garden yeilds, but I sure am glad to have them ready in the winter months!

It’s nearly December, and I made a pot of chili with (almost) all ingredients that we grew ourselves. The only exception was the kidney beans, which I have never considered growing nor do I have any idea whether or not it’s even an option. Regardless, it was delicious and so satisfying to know I grew everything myself. Not many people can say that about their homemade meals anymore, so I try to take the time to appreciate it. 

I still have plenty of sweet corn, tomatoes, bell peppers, and beef in the freezer to get us through the winter, and I’m looking forward to using them up!

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