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Women In Ag: It’s a Small World

Agriculture is a small world.

I was reminded of that recently on our vacation. We were standing in Amber Cove, in the Dominican Republic, with a group waiting to go on a zipline excursion. I was wearing a North Carolina agriculture T-shirt, and another lady in our group commented on my shirt.

This started a conversation about where I work and what crops my husband grows on the farm. It turns out that one of this lady’s friends, who was also going on the zipline, is the editor of a farm magazine, The Farmer, in Minnesota.  

As we were talking about farm magazines, I mentioned that I was one of Successful Farming magazine's Women in Ag bloggers. It turns out she knows my fellow Women in Ag blogger, Lara Durben. What are the odds?

That wasn’t the only farming connection we made on our trip. We had dinner with a gentleman from Missouri who used to work for the local John Deere dealer. We met a squash farmer from Georgia and a soybean and corn farmer from Missouri. 

It seems even when we physically leave the farm, we don’t really leave.

Have you ever met someone with a connection to agriculture in a place you never expected?



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