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Women in Ag: Plaster, Sledgehammers, and One Big Mess

We live in an old farmhouse. That means the house has a lot of character, great woodwork, sweet wallpaper from the ’60s . . . and plaster. Every single wall in this joint is plaster and lath, which is all fine and dandy until you need to remodel a room for a nursery, and it isn’t insulated, and you live in northern Illinois. At that point, the plaster and lath is anything BUT fine and dandy. 

We had plans in place to keep the mess contained. We had doors closed off, vents covered, windows opened, floors covered . . . but the plaster had other plans. Somehow, the mess made its way into the return air ducts, which means regardless of closed doors, the dust was blown into EVERY ROOM OF THE HOUSE. It’s on everything, people. Dishes, couches, shelves, clothes, you name it. It even made its way INTO our bathroom drawers and coated each individual item inside them. 

I love our farmhouse, I really do. Most days, I wouldn’t trade it for a brand-new house. But today, I would trade it for a cup of coffee and a pop-up camper. 

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