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Women in Ag: Put a Wreath on It

Do you hang a wreath on your door during the Christmas season?

I do. Every year I buy a Fraser fir wreath similar to the one in the bottom photo, add a red bow, and put it on my front door. Obviously, I don’t spend much time on Pinterest, and decorating is not my gift, otherwise I’d think of more to add to my wreath than a red bow.

I visited the State Farmers Market in Raleigh, North Carolina, last week and browsed through the section where farmers are selling North Carolina Christmas trees and other decorations. The wreaths they had for sale left me inspired.

Fraser Fir wreath
Take the photo at the top of this post. It’s become trendy to decorate with cotton. I’ve seen one branch of cotton for sale with a price tag of $9. What I love about this wreath is that it not only makes the cotton bolls a feature but also includes bolls with cotton.  If stored properly, you could use this wreath for more than one season.

This wreath takes the traditional Fraser fir wreath I grew up with up a few notches. I love the addition of pine cones, red berries, and other plants that add interest but keep this wreath natural looking.

Magnolia Wreath
We used to hold our family Thanksgiving at my cousins’ house in the country. They had a large magnolia tree on the property and each year we cut branches from it to use for decoration in my dad’s house. We made swags and used the leaves in table decorations, but we never made a wreath. This wreath stopped me in my tracks. I love the additon of the pine cones, but even without them a magnolia wreath would be a beautiful statement on my front door.

Corn Shuck Wreath
This wreath might be better suited to fall, but I love that it uses corn husks in a way I’d never thought of.  

Boxwood wreaths, where have you been all my life? Not only did I find boxwood wreaths, but boxwood swag. Beautiful!

Boxwood Wreath
I won’t be making my own wreath any time soon, so I love that farmers have these wreaths already done, made with tree branches and other things grown in my state. If you have a wreath hanging on your door, what is it made of?


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