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Women in Ag: Raising Kids in Their Natural Habitat

I recently came across an article that discussed “childhood in the raw,” referring to a mom raising her four kids without modern technology. The author shared this concept by using her photography skills to capture moments of her kids playing and spending time outside with each other. (You might recognize them; they look a lot like the black-and-white photos of your parents or grandparents as kids on the farm.)

I find this concept fascinating. Not because it’s foreign to me, but because it looks exactly like what childhood should be to me. But, I suppose, it would be considered uncommon in today's world. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against exposing children to technology altogether. I think there is some merit in the idea that our children will grow up in the age of technology and will have a certain level of expectation when it comes to their understanding of technology in school and their future careers. It is our job as parents to give them the opportunity to learn how to use it. Even if they take over the farm someday, technology will be a huge part of their job! I just think there is a balance to be found in the formative years.  

I want my kids to grow up learning how to interact with nature as well as their friends and siblings. I want them to know how to use their imagination. I want them to scrape their knees and get right back on their bike, determined to master the skill. I want them to climb trees and play in the mud and learn how to catch a chicken (surly that skill is applicable somewhere along the line). 

Tablets and app are cool, but even the best virtual experience can’t compete with the skills and the life lessons that children can learn just spending time outside and interacting with others. Call me crazy, but I think kids and the outdoors go together like peanut butter and jelly – a little messy at times, but always worth it. 

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