Women in Ag: Stay Sane During Harvest

  • "Besides making food ahead, I do a major shopping trip to stock up on essentials: toilet paper, toothpaste, etc., so I don't have to worry about those during the season. I also buy an extra package of socks and undies for everyone to keep us going until a rain day!"

    - Rhonda McCormick Kesler

  • "Cook a large roast (pork, beef, chicken breast, flavor as desired with homemade sauce, BBQ sauce, etc.) in a slow cooker until it falls apart. Shred with fork or stand mixer, put into muffin tins, and freeze! Once fully frozen, let thaw a tiny bit for easy removal, remove portions, and store in a feezer bag or container. When ready to eat, just heat in the microwave. Single serve portions for hot sandwiches during harvest!"

    - Alexis Klassen

  • "Work now to get house in order and projects tied up, reorganize office, designate baskets or shoe boxes by mud room door for ticket drop off, stock up on bottled water, pop, bags of ice, and on-the-go foods."

    - Lisa Burson Luke

  • "We have a timer crockpot. Best investment ever! No need to worry about rushing inside to turn it off or turn the temp down. Great time saver and dinners still warm and ready once the day is over." - Brook Goodwin

    "You can buy a timer that plugs into your outlet and then you plug the slow cooker into it." - Leanna Chapin

  • "I get my truck super clean and organized (tools in it, place for tickets, can for samples, toilet paper, window cleaner, book) then do the same for the tractor and combine. Bins are cleaned out, I mow and weed eat around them, put shovels where they should be, and get spare light bulbs for outside lights and extra batteries for flashlights."

    - Carol Holle Erdmann

  • "Pre-harvest baking for coffee snacks and breakfasts on the fly: muffins, cookies, banana loaves. A huge grocery run to pre-buy basics. I order fruit by the box and store it in the fridge for snacks and bake/can up a storm. I meal plan for a week at a time. Suppers are always a big hot meal with salad. Lunches are wraps/sandwiches on the go. I also pre-make ice by the gallon for cold drinks."

    - Julie-Anne Howe

  • "I used to make pot pies with a homemade chicken or beef stew in store-bought crusts. Freeze them and they can be popped in the oven frozen and be done in less than an hour. Everyone loved a piece of pot pie and coffee."

    - Mary Farrell Stieve

  • "I super clean the house, do all the laundry and pay all the bills I can. Clean clothes and extra socks and undies. Stock up on everything. I also buy individually bagged foods. Yes they are expensive, but I set all the boxes on the bar. You go thru with your cooler, grab what you want, grab pop, water and out of the fridge and go. We make summer sausage and deer sticks too to snack on, high in protein, low in fat and I know what is in them."

    - Carol Holle Erdmann

  • "Lower your expectations. For us, dropping the hot meals and going with sandwiches or healthy snack foods took a huge load off of this combine driver!" - Karen Eifert Jones

    "We eat scrambled eggs a lot after getting in from doing silage." - Mary Prough Herr

  • "Brown up 10-20 pounds of ground beef, season with taco, or leave it plain then refreeze it in meal-size bags. Make sure you have plenty roasts on hand to throw in the crock pot. And of course, frozen pizzas! Rain days = prep veggies!"

    - Billie Brockshus Gervais

  • "Meals in the fields just to have time together. I put fresh sheets on the bed nightly - Dear Farmer loves a fresh made bed and since his days are so long and rough I do this to help. I show up with snacks and sodas to encourage a small break now and again. I also do fall cleaning. I clean a room every few days from top to bottom - clean carpets and furniture - and do rearranging."

    - Niki Post

  • "I used to roast pork, beef, turkey - the largest I could get, and slice it up in meal-size packages along with juice for gravy. Just heat it up, add a salad and veggies. A good square meal in minutes for those busy times. I also would bake pounds of bacon and keep it in a sealed plastic bag in the fridge ... it didn't last long enough to freeze it!" - Pat Kline Hoelscher

    "I make a bunch of meatballs up, cook, and freeze them in quart bags. " - Michelle Duncan

Tackle this busy season with planning and organization!

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