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Think, don't just thank

As you pause and give thanks this year at your Thanksgiving table, I challenge you to pause and think. 

Think about where your food comes from.

If you don’t know, take time to find out. Look at food labels. Ask your grocer. Take time to chat with the person at the farmers market. I know the sweet potatoes on our table came from our fields, but I don’t know where the rest of our meal is coming from.

Think about all the steps it takes to get food from seed to harvest.

Not sure what it takes to grow the apples in the apple pie on your fork? You might be surprised to learn how much time and work goes into apple production. It’s more than just planting a tree, letting it grow, and picking apples. The first time I visited an apple orchard in western North Carolina, I was truly amazed at what it takes to grow an apple. 

I know how sweet potatoes in North Carolina are grown. I don’t know about turkey production since we don’t raise them, so I read about turkey farmers and follow them on social media. Even farmers need to take some time to learn about agriculture outside of our farm.    

Think about all the hands that get food from the farm to our plate.

It takes more than farmers. From workers, to truck drivers, engineers, and computer scientists, there are a lot of jobs responsible for our food supply.

I’m thankful for our farm and our family and all the people responsible for the food on our table, not only on Thanksgiving, but every day. Best wishes to you and your family this Thanksgiving!

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