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Women in Ag: Toy Tractors

My 4-year-old son has toy tractors I consider “inside” toys. They are metal, so I don’t want them damaged by the weather. Also, I really don’t want them going between his bedroom and the yard, because I'm already cleaning up enough dirt in the house. When he asks to take them outside, I remind him that they are “inside” toys.

Recently, I looked out over our backyard and noticed an empty bin by the sandbox. “What is that doing there?” I said to myself. I walked out to investigate, and as I got closer to the sandbox, I realized what my son had done. He'd asked to go outside and play. This time, he went outside with a box of his smaller tractors.

Very proudly he looked at me and said, “Look, Momma, I planted the field!”  

What's a farm momma to do? I congratulated him on his rows and even planted a few myself. When it got too dark to keep planting, we boxed up all the tractors and took them inside. He wanted to take them to his bedroom, but I said we had to clean them off first. I vetoed his suggestion of putting them in the washing machine or dishwasher to rinse off the sand. Instead, I suggested we buy some brushes.  

We talked about keeping those toys in his bedroom as “inside” toys. I assured him that we would go get him some outdoor tractors.  

First thing the next morning, he asked me when we were going to get him some outside tractors. “We will get you some,” I replied without committing to a specific time frame.

That afternoon, he wanted to go outside and play. I should have known.

Sure enough, he got those same tractors back outside and in the sandbox. Turns out, I didn't shop fast enough for some “outside” tractors, so he took matters into his own hands.  

What can I say? He has the tractors outside planting and harvesting crops. I now have two brushes handy so we can clean them off whenever the harvest moves indoors.  


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