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Women in Ag: Work First, Then the Playground

This past Sunday when I picked my oldest son up from his preschool-age class after church, the teacher pulled me aside.

“Your son made me so proud today,” she said.

These are words every mother loves to hear. I was curious about what he’d done in class to make her proud.

She went on to explain. The class had gone out to the playground, but instead of jumping on a swing or climbing up to slide, my son went over to a bare patch of dirt.

“Don’t you want to play on the playground?” his teacher asked.

“I have to finish my work first. I need to plow the field,” was his reply.

She told me he proceeded to visit every bare patch of dirt on the playground to “plow the field.” When he was done, he joined the other kids on the playground.

His teacher wasn’t the only person proud of him that Sunday. He may be only 4 years old, but he’s learning great life lessons growing up on a farm.

Note: The photo above is one I took of his sandbox at home. He had to finish “​planting his field”​ before coming in for dinner.


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