Women in Agriculture

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Mustangs on a Mission Hit the Trail

Sara Sanderson and Olivia Maxwell are a month into their horseback ride from Mexico to Canada. Here’s an update from the saddle.

Give Produce a Second Chance

Not all fruits and vegetables make the grade, but that doesn't mean they don't have a place in the food system.


Five Reasons for Food Waste on the Farm

I recently heard a speaker mention how much food waste occurs at the farm. It got me wondering - do we waste that much food at the farm and, if so, why?


When Seasons Change

Sometimes the moments of greatest change are the hardest we endure, but they make getting to the next season that much sweeter.


About Women in Agriculture

Successful Farming’s Women in Ag section is designed to connect and further farm women in all dimensions of farm and family life. This section includes posts from our Women in Ag bloggers.

Women in Ag