Women in Agriculture

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Mustangs on a Mission

These five women plan to spread inspiration as they journey on horseback from Mexico to Canada.


SF Blog: Edible Heirlooms

By planting heirloom fruits, vegetables, and flowers, you can take a step back in time. It’s like visiting your grandparents’ garden!


Be Our Guest

Thanks to websites like airbnb, travelers can rent an entire house or just a spare room for a fraction of the cost of a hotel stay, and farmers with extra space are cashing in.


Women In Ag: Agriculture Takes Care of Its Own

Agriculture takes care of our own. We are doing it without front-page coverage of the fires. Without aid from groups claiming to care about animal welfare. Without government assistance.



About Women in Agriculture

Successful Farming’s Women in Ag section is designed to connect and further farm women in all dimensions of farm and family life. This section includes posts from our Women in Ag bloggers.

Women in Ag