Women in Agriculture

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Double-team marketing

In this risky new world of market volatility and dysfunctional futures prices, women are discovering at the close of the day that two heads are better than one.

Count on women

Boone, Iowa, was the site in 1908 of one of the first women's suffrage parades. On October 25, 2008, marchers honored the memory of these pioneering women. "My grandmothers were over 40 before they could vote," says Cheryl Tevis. We've come a long way, but

Yes, we can

During the past three decades, women have put away their pressure cookers and water bath kettles. But higher food prices, along with food safety and health concerns, are fueling a home canning comeback.

Raising caring kids

Summer activities help kids gain skills and shape values but cause parental angst.

Love and marriage

Love still may make the world go 'round, but sharing household chores is the ticket.

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Successful Farming’s Women in Ag section is designed to connect and further farm women in all dimensions of farm and family life. This section includes posts from our Women in Ag bloggers.

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