A Decade of Risk Management

  • A new era in grain marketing

    In 2005, a new era in grain marketing started. Prices began a decade-long rally, USDA farm program payments went down, and the risks farmers had to manage went up. During this time, Successful Farming magazine’s annual marketing issue tackled risk management from every angle as well as new factors that would become critical to the markets. Following are the main topics for each issue and the December national average cash price for corn.

  • 2006

    Topics for 2006:

    • Making grain storage part of your marketing plan
    • Selling corn for ethanol

  • 2007

    Topic for 2007:

    • Avoiding mistakes like obsessing over hitting a market top and not understanding your marketing alternatives

  • 2008

    Topic for 2008:

    • Figuring out what your next marketing steps should be

  • 2009

    Topics for 2009:

    • Managing risk during volatile times
    • Learning the perks of electronic marketing

  • 2010

    Topic for 2010:

    • Watching critical factors, including China, ethanol, the dollar, and crude oil

  • 2011

    Topic for 2011:

    • Doing scenario planning for greater price volatility

  • 2012

    Topic for 2012:

    • Getting through the worst drought in 50 years and moving forward

  • 2013

    Topic for 2013:

    • Keeping profitable despite $4 corn

  • 2014

    Topic for 2014:

    • Going global with $3 corn and $8 beans

  • 2015

    Topic for 2015:

    • Managing a low-price environment

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