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“Do-It-Yourself” Management Zone Creation Tool - FARMserver

Variable seed and nitrogen rate applications started in the mid-1990s, but since then farmers have had limited ability to create management zones and write customized prescriptions efficiently. What if the process to implement variable rates could be simplified? FARMserver™ is excited to launch the Management Zone Creation Tool, a one-of-a-kind, web-based application that puts management zone creation in the hands of farmers.

“Since the inception of precision agriculture, farmers have struggled with the time commitment and investment that came with outsourcing their zone management and product and rate assignments,” said Jim Shertzer, FARMserver Lead. “Through a series of step-by-step instructions, the Management Zone Creation Tool will provide farmers the capability to analyze field maps based on historical data, and then create zones to generate variable rate prescriptions for multiple fields at the same time.”

With the Management Zone Creation Tool, farmers can take control of their fields through a simple, secure and cost effective process. Farmers will be able to analyze fields based on soil type, crop health images, or historical yield data, and then create zone maps based on assigned levels of productivity. Once zones are created, FARMserver provides a simple and easy way to add test blocks to zones, allowing farmers to conduct rate and product research in their fields. FARMserver then brings the implementation of management zones full circle with field scouting capabilities. Farmers can evaluate and modify the zones created and then identify the best zones in their fields for future planting seasons. Highly trained field advisors and support staff are readily accessible to assist farmers in evaluating their maps and assigning the correct products and rates.

“Right now I work with a local agronomist who writes prescriptions for my center pivots, but there is no way to evaluate the data he provides us,” said Bryan Ebelhar of Ebelhar Farms in Owensboro, Ky. “However, FARMserver has revolutionized the management zone process. With the launch of their Management Zone Creation Tool I now have the capability to generate multiple zone maps at one time, which will benefit our operation tremendously.”

Developed with the farmer in mind, FARMserver is a secure, online, web-based solution that gives farmers complete control of their data. Simplifying precision agriculture, FARMserver collects farm data in one spot, making it easy to use, share and apply across their operation. FARMserver provides a unique recordkeeping system focused at the field level; comprehensive aerial imagery that delivers deep insight into field variability; field-based weather monitoring; and a crop scouting app. In addition, FARMserver is compatible with almost every color and brand of machine, making exporting data seamless.

“We talked to farmers and saw the need to develop a tool that saves them time and money, while still being easy to implement,” said Shertzer. “We’re not telling farmers what to do with their management zones, we are providing them with the means to understand their data and eventually make decisions that will benefit their operations.”

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