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Farm Management Software: No easy way out

18 months ago when approached by the top about creating a workflow to eliminate the chaos caused by people writing down records on paper bags. That is if we were lucky enough to get a record during the busy time of the year. Many times we found people fueling irrigation pumps without documenting the cost towards to the crop. To sum it up, if you don’t get granular, you don’t really know your profit margin. 
We are a small farm: 80 acres of sweet corn, 30 acres of other road stand crops, 60 acres of hay and 120 acres of corn and beans. We run a very successful roadside market and are located 20 miles from NYC. We service over 40 power units in our shop and another 50 non-power implements. We looked at a lot of Farm Management Software but couldn’t find a perfect match for our operation.  With that said, I used my computer science degree and built our own application. 
Build an application from the ground up was a long row to hoe. And when you get to the end you have to start your way back because we opened it up to the outside -- flood of requests poured in and we want to make it better. My computer consulting business was always something for the winter months but now it’s becoming a never ending quest. My family is behind me even though I’m giving it away for free. 
No easy way out
I don’t care where you get your Farm Management Software from, if you don’t set it up correctly from the start, it’s never going to work for you. Out of all the people that sign up for our software, only 5% really took the time to enter all the data in and use the system correctly. Some use part of the system but if you don’t put data in, you will never get data out. The point is it requires discipline at first to stay on top of it. 
Our software is free to use for any farmer in North America. It is a web-based system; all you need to do is open an account with us. It will do a lot, too much to list here. In fact, with the exception of mapping, it does everything the name brands will do and more. Also, there is a mobile app where you can use it from your iPhone or drode device. It’s worth your time to visit our website to check it out. My company name is Flexicode Solutions LLC Link to our Farm Management Software
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