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FARMserver's Five Corn Planting Reminders You Don't Want to Miss!

After a long, cold winter, the team at FARMserver is very excited that planting season is finally upon us. How we prepare and perform our field operations sets the yield potential for the remainder of the crop season.  Below is a list of tips to keep on hand as you head out to the fields. 
Five Corn Planting Reminders

Schedules and good intentions often go out the window when the calendar or temperatures say it is time to plant corn. Take a few minutes to review the following reminders as you prepare for that day. 
Right Hybrid/Right Field | Use the Product Selection Tool in FARMserver to print a “Go-to-Field” report for every field you farm. Keep a copy in the planter, tractor, and the seed shed to eliminate any chance of placing the wrong hybrid in the wrong field. 
Planting Depth | Check it every day. Even when you move to another field, keep checking it. Soil types and conditions vary, so 2” deep might become 1.5” or 2.5” deep very quickly. When in doubt, my recommendation is always plant on the deeper side where temperature variation is less, which leads to better and more uniform stands in a normal cool/wet spring.
Planting Speed | You knew I was going to mention it! Slow down to < 5.5 mph for better seed placement and less doubles or skips. This is especially critical with finger pickup planters.
Talc/Graphite | Buy plenty of whatever your planter manufacturer recommends, and use it liberally. I like to pre-charge the planter with a 3x rate with the first load of seed and then use the recommended rate from that point forward. This lubricates the system and gets everything working correctly right from the start.
Planter Monitor | Make sure to clear old data from the monitor before you begin planting. You should also plan on backing up or uploading all data into your FARMserver account EVERY night when you finish planting. This ensures that data isn't lost and can be used later in the season.
Once planting is completed, be sure to review your data for accuracy. Don’t forget to utilize your FARMserver Scouting App to scout that newly emerging crop. Data worth collecting is data worth using to make decisions. For more information or to sign up, visit
Have a safe planting season!
Brent Minett
FARMserver Agronomist 
Brent Minett has been with Beck’s since 2005. As a FARMserver Agronomist, Minett has more than 20 years of experience advising farmers in the eastern Corn Belt and a tremendous amount of experience with the FARMserver team.  .
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