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Three free cattle and pasture apps for your PDA

The Iowa Beef Center (IBC) has released two new tools for
beef producers who use Palm OS hand-held computing devices. Joining the Sale
Barn Calculator they released last month, IBC's offerings now include a Total
Mixed Ration Mixer application and Field and Pasture Calculator application for
Palm OS PDAs. All of the Palm applications are free, and can be easily
downloaded from the IBC site.

The Total Mixed Ration (TMR) Mixer application can be used
to quickly adjust feed batch weights when a feed's dry matter changes or if the
quantity of a ration delivered to a pen is to be adjusted by a percentage.

Using this tool, producers enter the name of the ration, the
batch weight and the feeds that make up the ration along with the weight and
dry matter percent. They can then change percentages within the rations and the
program will automatically adjust the other percentages to compensate.

The Field and Pasture Calculator can be used as a reference
to determine plant populations in a field or pasture, to estimate yield of
forage dry matter or grain per acre or bushels of stored grain in bins or
piles. It can also be a quick note pad for a given field or pasture.

The Sale Barn Calculator is designed to help beef producers
quickly determine sale barn bids for livestock. Use it to figure a maximum bid
per cwt for livestock entering a sale ring. Enter the appropriate data prior to
sale day. Scenarios for different types of livestock can be created. As animals
are brought into the ring, the average weight per head can be indicated and the
maximum bid for the given scenario is automatically calculated.

Download the free software from the Iowa Beef Center Web
site: Tools page.

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