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John Deere technology allows farmers across the U.S. to improve efficiency

The inclusion of the latest technology available to the agricultural industry in John Deere equipment has allowed many farmers in the U.S. to improve the efficiency of their operation, increase their yield and devote resources to expanding their business.

According to a release from Cygnus Business Media, people who have used John Deere equipment and the new technology in the machines have seen major improvements in operational efficiencies and production.

Randy Murdock, a farmer and business owner from Reynolds, Illinois, noted that his operation has benefited from technology like the automatic row shutoff available on his John Deere.

"Every time you overlap, you double your seed cost and lower your yield," said Murdock, adding that his John Deere equipment with automatic row shutoff capability, "is really something, no matter what size farm, it'll pay for itself."

The website for Knuth Farms noted that since they purchased John Deere equipment with the automated technology, the operation has seen a much higher level of efficiency, reduced driver fatigue and lower amounts of waste on the farm.  

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