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Livestock Management software - There is an App for That!

Mobile is becoming a significant part of a rancher’s daily life.  At the Farm show or just into town, ranchers want access to their data everywhere. With the internet not 100% reliable in rural areas, apps that do not rely on the internet for data entry are essential.  Web-based applications simply are not reliable enough when a rancher is trying to access or enter their data in the field. What happens when the internet is down? No access to data.


Ranch Manager for iPhone and Ranch Manager for iPad provides the flexibility to access your data wherever and whenever you need it.  You only need an internet connection if you are syncing data to the Desktop Edition of Ranch Manager (each sold separately Desktop, iPhone app and iPad app).  Livestock records entered at one location can be retrieved at another location using the RM Cloud service.  The livestock apps are available for livestock producers who run Cattle, Sheep, Equine, Goats, Wildlife, Camelid and Canine.

The Ranch Manager Cloud Service allows wireless transfer between devices. Synchronize any device * running Ranch Manager through the Cloud. Unlike most Cloud services, the RM Cloud works at the record level, which means conflicts are minimized. With this service one user can modify an animal's tag value, another modify the same animal's birth date and the data is merged without conflict when synchronized.

Currently, Ranch Manager for iPhone and Ranch Manager for iPad are available for purchase on the Apple Store.  The desktop Edition is available for purchase at Lion Edge Technologies:


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