All eyes on USDA; Early planting roundup

  • 01

    Friday's massive annual acreage report and a lot of talk about early corn planting have dwarfed all other stories in ag this week. See the hot stories & forum topics from this week.

  • 03

    So, will Friday's numbers affect your planting decisions? Some farmers say more soybeans look likely this year, but in a recent poll, the voting's dead even between corn and soybean expansion this year. What do you think?

  • 04

    Mother Nature continued to do her best to support early corn planting this week in most areas of the Corn Belt. But, soil temperatures dipped slightly Thursday, with some sliding below the critical 50-degree mark. So, is it time to plant?

  • 05

    But, what about a late frost? With all the talk of early planting, there's also a lot of hesitation because of the dangers of a late frost. But, despite outlooks earlier this week that said the frost risk was high for the next week, forecasters backed off that outlook, saying Thursday frost chances are lower than earlier thought.

  • 07

    Fill in the blank: "If there is no late frost, this year's early start to spring will make my crop _________________." Some farmers say water needs will trump all, while weed and pest control are also concerns, farmers say. What's your biggest worry?

  • 09

    If you plant corn now, you may be setting yourself up for some increased pest pressure later on in the growing season. And, the unseasonably warm weather isn't just enjoyable for you. The weeds that made it through the winter could strike your fields with a vengeance later in the year.

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