'Boom' in ag; 164-bushel corn?

  • 01

    It's been a week of looking ahead for U.S. farmers, with a lot of questions about how policy changes and business trends will affect crop and livestock production.

  • 05

    Despite all the doom-and-gloom policy chatter this week, there's also been more information about the strength of the ag sector. One came from a Federal Reserve economist, who said the current 'boom' in ag may not unfurl into a 'bust' as it has in previous cycles.

  • 07

    Much of what's driving those land values is both crop yields and prices. With new outlooks on the former, what are the odds of reaching that 164-bushel/acre yield level for corn? That's a hot topic in Marketing Talk this week. Who's ready to wager a steak dinner on whether we'll reach 164?

  • 08

    A warm winter often makes for a warm summer, something that could be rough on crop prospects this year, one where farmers need to raise a big crop to keep up with demand. See what this outlook might mean for corn and soybean country this summer.

  • 10

    Spring's right around the corner and the folks in Corn Time are getting ready! See the latest Corn Time comics from Bob Lang.

There's been a lot of looking ahead this week, and some of those ag outlooks are bright.

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