Brisk harvest pace; mild winter ahead?

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    Corn and soybean harvest continues at a breakneck pace, with more than half of the corn crop harvested by the start of this week. Meanwhile, you may be able to leave the heavy coat in the closet for at least the first part of winter, according to new information this week. See more of this week's big stories in ag.

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    The pace of corn harvest is almost 3 times quicker than normal. Though this pace didn't seem to bother the trade much earlier in the week, it combined with better-than-expected yield reports to keep a lid on the grains through much of the week.

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    If you're already looking ahead to winter, you're not alone. One new outlook this week calls for a mild start to the season, with temperatures well above normal through December.

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    There's been a lot of speculation about whether this year's drought and its effects on crop yields and farm incomes will reverse the skyrocketing trend of farmland values. Though some see potential for a slide, most see values continuing to stay in the black for the next few months.

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    Lawmakers headed home earlier this fall without agreeing on a farm bill, and now, the previous law has lapsed and technically, the law reverts to the 1949 legislation. What does that mean to your farm? It depends on what you grow and your plans for the next year.

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    It's going to be a rough few months for hog farmers, one expert said this week. Drought-fueled losses will likely sharpen through winter and early spring until things bounce back next summer. The worst losses will come this fall, ending up around $45/head.

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    Last Friday's quarterly USDA Grain Stocks report sent the markets skyrocketing, with corn ending that day's session locked limit-up. Some saw the data underpinning futures through the fall, with corn having seen its "intermediate bottom." The market's slipped since then, but some see grain usage as "unsustainable," leaving plenty of upside room.

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    "While the 2012 year will be a below average production year, and well below 'trend' yields, we are no where near as poor a crop as USDA is currently carrying on the books," one analyst said late last week. So, is this true in your neck of the woods?

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    Seven steps to better soybean yields, ways to manage off-target pesticide movement, checking corn roots and maximizing mileage in your pickup: They're just a few of the latest features from Successful Farming magazine. Flip through the October issue's main features here!

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    This week, we dug up an classic piece of machinery that earned both cheers and jeers when it was released in the 1950s. It's Ford's Typhoon, the first -- and only -- tractor powered by a turbine engine. Check out this classic and see a few more machines from 'when tractors went weird.'

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