On-Farm Conservation Practices

  • LICA Farm

    LICA Farm
    The Iowa Land Improvement Contractors Association (LICA) purchased a farm in 2003 where they would be able to install conservation practices, host field days, and provide educational opportunities. Since then, the LICA farm as has had conservation practices built on it.

  • Tim

    Tim Recker, past president of LICA, refers to the farm as an agricultural water treatment facility. "The
    water that comes onto your farm should leave your farm cleaner than when it came on your farm,” says Recker. Following are conservation practices currently implemented on the farm.

  • CREP Wetland

    CREP Wetland
    A wetland is an area that is saturated with water. The CREP wetland was designed for improved water quality through nitrate removal. At the same time, it provides wildlife habitat. CREP wetlands are placed in locations where there is significant shallow subsurface drainage flow. These wetlands have 40-70% nitrate removal.

  • LICA wetland

    The LICA CREP wetland stats include:

    • 847 acre drainage area
    • 4.3 acre wetland pool (0.5% of the watershed area)
    • 19.67 acre easement area (3.7 acres per acre of pool)
    • 6,150 lbs. per year estimated nitrogen removal
    • 23¢ per lb. of removal
  • Rain Garden

    Rain Garden
    A rain garden is a planted depression that allows rainwater runoff from urban areas to be absorbed. The rain garden at the LICA farm takes roof water via tile from a stop log structure.

  • Terraces

    Terraces are earthen structures that intercept runoff on moderate to steep slopes. Long slopes are transformed into shorter slopes. The installation of terraces reduce the rate of runoff and allow soil particles to settle out, resulting in cleaner water being carried off the field through the tile intake.

  • Water Control Structure

    Water Control Structures
    The LICA farm has two different control structures to control water levels. The first controls the water level of the CREP wetland, and the second controls water coming from the tile line. A portion of this water is diverted through the bioreactor.

  • Drainage system

    Drainage System
    The drainage system on the farm helps to improve crop production and protect surface water by preventing excess water on the soil surface from moving as runoff, carrying sediment, and other contaminants into streams and lakes.

  • Waterways

    Waterways are areas planted to grass or other permanent vegetative cover where water usually concentrates as it runs off of the field. Grass waterways on the farm slow the movement of water and guide it off of the field. Waterways can be used where there is gully erosion.

Turn your farm into an agricultural water treatment facility like the LICA farm.

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