Demand chatter & winter weather

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    The markets dominated the ag news this week, first in their response to last week's big USDA reports, then in this week's return to other factors, like China's grain demand and South America's ongoing drought.

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    Last Thursday's USDA reports were sharply bearish for the grains, but that downward pressure didn't last long; weather concerns, especially those in South America, quickly took over as the main driver for what could be "extremely volatile" markets in the next few months.

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    Weather worries aren't limited to South America. "Is it too early to worry about drought or dry weather conditions? Most meteorologists, as well as most farmers, will probably tell you no," says market analyst Bryan Doherty.

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    Contributing to that tight grain stocks situation is China. That nation's GDP and grain production was higher than expected last year, new numbers show, but livestock production's not climbing as much. So, is China poised to make a big move or stop growing altogether?

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World grain demand, bullish cattle markets and winter weather changes top this week's big stories in agriculture.

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