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    The latest ag tech tools, the future of food and new grain marketing ideas pace this month's issue. Check it out!

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    "Progress starts when you build a road," says Editorial Content Director Dave Kurns this month after a visit with World Food Prize president Ken Quinn. What can Quinn's work to preserve Norman Borlaug's legacy teach us?

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    The Business desk tackles a couple of big issues for farmers this month: Federal safety regulation and newly mandated crop insurance revenue guarantees. "February is the month when many of us will obsess over new-crop soybean and corn futures," writes Business Editor Dan Looker.

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    There's a lot of attention on crop production in South America right now. A lot's been said about how that nation's ag industry is expanding. This month, Brazil's ag minister says farmers there aren't just looking at growing acres -- they're gunning for higher yields, too.

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    Grain prices have trended higher recently. Will that trend continue? This month, market analyst Al Kluis gives us reason to believe the grains may have hit bottom. Do you agree?

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    One growing trend in grain marketing, too, is growing corn, soybeans or wheat for specific-use contracts. In this approach, you sign a contract with a buyer before the crop is planted and then grow the exact grain they want to their specs.

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    The world's growing. So too is agriculture's ability to feed that population. But, can the industry get that growing food supply distributed where it needs to go? That's the topic of this month's Your Farm in the Future column with our futurist, Brian David Johnson.

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    This month, Machinery Director Dave Mowitz looks at the hot auction market for vertical-till disks. It's a market that's not been as adversely affected by the grain price slide as that for tractors, combines and other big-ticket iron.

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    Are you eyeballing a piece of tillage equipment at an upcoming farm auction? Don't bid without checking it out thoroughly first! Here's a quick checklist for conducting a successful presale implement inspection.

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    Are you spending the winter working in your shop? When maintaining equipment, often the most simple of additional steps yields the greatest return. The following are five often-overlooked – but crucial – maintenance procedures from the Engine Answerman's must-do list.

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    If the shop's where you are spending a lot of time these days, here's a way you can make things a little easier: Check out Machinery Director Dave Mowitz's picks for a few tire tools to make life easier for some big jobs.

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    This month's issue features a lot of other new tools and technology, starting with weather stations and monitoring equipment. The latest ones offer a lot of real-time monitoring capabilities.

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    And, check this out: Your big, clunky keyring may be a thing of the past with a new line of tools that make your smartphone your key. Virtual key technology is a growing trend, as companies vie for a place in the market. Here are four offerings that are set to release in 2014.

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    Implements are getting bigger. It's getting tougher to be able to monitor the whole length or width of one of today's biggest modern planters, sprayers and other tools. Here's a new category of technology to help extend your vision: Collision hazard alerts.

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