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Farm Succession Strategies: 8 Ways to Communicate Successfully

The struggling farm economy means that farm transfers from one generation to the next may be happening in a sped-up process, instead of over several years. Good communications is vital. Loss of communication leads to lack of trust and can eventually lead to devastating consequences.

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Here are eight tips from the University of Minnesota to follow when having those tough discussions:

  1. When speaking, be brief and be specific.
  2. Don’t accuse, insult, or blame.
  3. Don’t label, moralize, or judge your business associates.
  4. Try to be positive, constructive, and willing to compromise.
  5. When listening, listen intently. Focus and try to understand what is being said. Try to interpret it as the speaker intended.
  6. Disregard negative statements. Paraphrase what you hear. Find points of agreement and state them.
  7. Explain your motives honestly and truthfully.
  8. Apologize when needed and admit your mistakes.

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