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5 ways the land remains

Land defines the shape of your farm, it is the well of fertility that produces your crops and livestock, and it is the foundation of your family’s future.

Unusual market forces drive farmland sales

In July, Farm Credit Services of America, the farmer-owned lender based in Omaha, reported all-time high farmland values for the four states it serves—Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Wyoming.

About Farmland

Everything you need to know about farmland value, including trends, recent sales, and upcoming land auctions. This section, done in partnership with The Land Report, also contains details on renting ground and farmland ownership.

Tip of the Day

How to lock down your fence posts

concrete corner post support My corner posts and end posts kept pulling out of the wet ground, so I started making my own 1,200-pound concrete versions. Each is made... read more

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