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10 Unique Round Barns

Bob Kisken, a retired teacher from Michigan, travels around the country in pursuit to find some of the most unique ranches and farms. On these farms and ranches lie some of the most elegant, old, weathered, and intricate barns. Although these barns might be spread out across the country, their simplicity and beauty is undeniable. Kisken has found barns that are made from stone, brick, metal and are all different colors and designs; barns from the west coat and barns from the east coast. Take a look!

1. Fire Truck Red

This stunning, fire truck red barn naturally stands out with its rich color and unique shape, but the leaves in Vernon County, Wisconsin, give it an extra boost. 


2. Old Beauty

This aging structure continues to stand strong in Iowa. It's rounded shape and detailed weathering present an antique glow to the barn. 


3. Unique in Every Way

From the entry way to the peak, this barn utilizes distinct shapes and styles all over. Standing in Gettysburg, South Dakota, this structure brings a new meaning to the word 'unique'. 


4. Winter White

Blending into the snowy background, this barn in eastern South Dakota, shows simple beauty on the frozen landscape. 


5. Judy Ranch

Located in northern Kansas, this subtle barn continues to serve a vital purpose for the livestock that take shelter within. 


6. Green with Envy

This traditional round barn near State Center, Iowa, is kept in tip-top shape, making it the envy of others. This particular barn is known as the Dobbin Round Barn. 


7. Standing Out

This round beauty is a quieter red than others, but still manages to stand out against the landscape in Marysville, Kansas. 


8. Weathered and Worn

Positioned in Illinois, this barn stands tall despite Mother Nature's best attempts to wear it down. Blossoms help bring new beauty to this weathered, oval structure. 


9. Western Beauty 

This uniquely decorated barn is located in Sturgis, South Dakota. With the rustic wood and skull decorations, this structure brings a western feel to the area. 


10. Stone-Cold Beauty

Standing out against the lush green background, this stone-cold beauty creates a feeling of long ago. This distinct building, made from fieldstone, is found near Hurley, Wisconsin. 


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