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Online marketplace connects hunters and landowners

A new online marketplace, Land dot Lease, allows landowners to sell permission to hunt on their property. 

The company says its site offers additional income to landowners with an abundance of deer while preventing the property damage that can be caused by an unmanaged deer population. It also offers leases for elk, moose, waterfowl, game birds, wild boars, bears, and other game.

The listings are free for landowners, and hunting leases can be sold either by auction or for a fixed price. All leases sold offer exclusive hunting access for a specified range of dates.

Similar to vacation home rental sites, hunters pay directly through the site and funds are immediately transferred to the landowner.

The Land dot Lease terms of service help protect the farm with an agreement that the hunter holds the landowner harmless against all legal actions associated with visiting the property. Hunters are required to carry insurance for their leases to be valid.

When searching for available land, hunters can select the location, rate, and type of game. Other searchable features include whether dogs are allowed, if camping is available, whether there are tree stands, harvesting limits, and whether night shoots are allowed.

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