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Successful Land Sale: $10,800 Average for Central Indiana Farm

Rush County Sale Surpasses Expectations

This week's Successful Land Sale highlights the Dorothy Crawley Estate, just southeast of Milroy, Indiana, in Rush County.

Mrs. Crawley had two prime pieces of ground, both of which sold October 12.

There were two tracts. Tract 1, 67.86 acres, has 66.36 acres tillable with the rest in waterway. Tract 2, 67.86 acres, is all tillable. The tracts lay adjacent to each other and feature mostly Xenia silt loam and Cyclone silty clay loam soils. The farm brought $1.475 million, or $10,868 per acre, according to Halderman Real Estate Services, which had the sale. The farm’s longtime tenant bought the property. 

We did some digging to find out more about Dorothy Crawley, and found a neat proclamation by the mayor of Rushville, congratulating Dorothy on the event of her 100th birthday in January, 2014. She has a big smile on her face as she reads it. She died earlier this year at the age of 102. A native of Richland Township in Rush County, she was a longtime elementary school teacher and taught at several area schools. Her obituary contains this quote that she shared with her friends and students: “We only believe what we’ve been told. When we get a chance to educate ourselves — to broaden our minds — it’s a good thing! We are only limited by our own ignorance.” Good stuff. I’ll bet she was a great teacher.

Corn in Rush County last year averaged 169 bushels per acre; soybeans, 56 bushels per acre. According to Purdue University, top farmground in central Indiana averages about $8,900 per acre in 2016, while cash rent averages $271 per acre.

Oct 13 AcreValue
For more information on this tract, view the full AcreValue report.

Best of the Rest

Iowa, Johnson County: Six tracts totaling 243.5 acres in Freemont Township sold October 7. The land included a mix of crop and timberland, according to auctioneer Dwight Duwa, of Duwa Auction Service. Tract 1, 38 acres, all tillable, has a Corn Suitability Rating 2 of 80 (based on a 5-to-100 scale) and Atterberry and Muscatine soils. It sold for $326,800 ($8,600 per acre). Tract 2, 44 acres, has 40.52 tillable with a 69.6 CSR2. The rest is building site. It sold for $327,800 ($7,450 per acre). Tract 3, 19 acres, is tillable with a small building site. Soil type is Walford, with a 76.5 CSR2. It sold for $126,350 ($6,650 per acre). Tract 4, 54 acres, has 36.17 tillable with the rest in timber. Soil type is Walford and Downs, with a 69 CSR 2. It brought $396,900 ($7,350 per acre). Tract 5, 57.5 acres, has 55.05 tillable acres, with the rest in trees. Soils are Walford and Sperry, with a CSR2 of 64.8. It brought $330,625 ($5,750 per acre). Tract 6, 31 acres, is all timber. It brought $105,400 ($3,400 per acre). Total proceeds are $1.614 million, averaging $6,628 per acre.

Missouri, Chariton County: Four tracts totaling 222 acres southeast of Brunswick sold October 11. Tract 1, 35 acres, has 31 acres tillable with the rest in roads. It brought $259,000 ($7,400 per acre). Tract 2, 100 acres, has 93 acres tillable with the rest in roads and a small pecan grove. It brought $295,000 ($2,950 per acre). Tract 3, 48 acres, has 14 acres in cropland, with the rest in timber and wildlife habitat. It sold for $122,400 ($2,550 per acre). Tract 4, 39 acres, has 5 acres of possible tillable land, 6 acres of water, and the rest in timber. It brought $138,450 ($3,550 per acre). Farmers National had the sale.

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