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Successful Land Sale: 10 Land Auctions From 10 States

When I was a kid growing up on the family farm, Thanksgiving was a family favorite. Not just for the traditional feast of turkey, stuffing, cranberry salad, and pie, but great conversation with extended family, card games, football on television, and afternoon naps.

This has nothing to do with land sales, of course. Except for one thing: If you're a farmland auction junkie like me, you'll indulge on this feast of auction results gathered from several states for this special edition of the Successful Land Sale. Where applicable, I have included the AcreValue reports for auction results along with the sale results. Remember, right now AcreValue has results for Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, and Minnesota only. 

Illinois, Woodford County: 97 acres northeast of El Paso in Panola Township sold November 21. The tract is a level north-south farm, featuring Flanagan silt loam and El Paso clay loam soils with an average Crop Productivity Index of 144 (based on a 61 to 147 scale). It sold for $1.193 million ($12,300 per acre). A local farmer bought the land, says auctioneer Ron Schmidgall, Schmidgall Auction ServicesClick here for the full AcreValue report.

Indiana, Wells County: Four tracts totaling 127.34 acres just east of Zanesville sold November 17. There is 94.04 acres of tillable, with the rest in woods. Soil types include Pewamo, DelRey-Blount, and Glynwood. The farm ground is slightly rolling, while the woods offer mature maple trees with a maple syrup camp, and several trails. The four sold as one unit to an investor for $833,000 ($6,542 per acre). Auctioneer Jody Holloway says interest in the property was tremendous, with more than 110 in attendance at the sale. Click here for the full Acre Value report. 

Iowa, Story County: 120 acres northeast of Zearing sold November 22. The tract has 116.4 tillable acres featuring mostly Nicollet, Webster, and Canisteo soils with a Corn Suitability Rating 2 (CSR2) of 88.4, based on a scale of 5 to 100. This farm has natural drainage and tile. It sold for $1.236 million ($10,300 per acre). Hertz Real Estate Services had the sale. Click here for the full AcreValue report.

Kansas, Dickinson County: Three tracts totaling 444 acres of pasture and farmland northwest of Abilene sold November 17. Tract 1, 109 acres tillable and 48 in grass with mostly Geary silt loam soils, sold for $423,900 ($2,700 per acre). Tract 2, 212 acres of mostly Muir silt loam soil, has 159 acres in tillable and the rest in creek, timber, and expired CRP, sold for $773,800 ($3,650 per acre). Tract 3, 75 acres of mostly Muir silt loam soil, has 47 acres tillable, 18 acres CRP, and the rest in creek and timber, sold for $210,000 ($2,800 per acre). Riordan Auction and Realty had the sale.

Minnesota, Cottonwood County: Three tracts totaling 279 acres in Cottonwood County sold November 22. The land is south of Lamberton about 6 miles. Tract 1, 44.51 acres, is mostly all tillable and has Pell Creek-Romnell and Annton-North Twin soils, with a Productivity Index of 90.6 (based on a 0 to 100 scale). It sold for 324,923 ($7,300 per acre). Tract 2, 194.17 acres adjacent to Tract 3, has mostly Pell Creek-Romnell and Annton North Twin soils and a 91.3 PI. It sold for $1.407 million ($7,250 per acre). Tract 3, 40.3 acres just north of Tracts 1 and 2, has 44.51 tillable acres with mostly Annton-North Twin soils and a 90.6 PI. This farm has a ditch through it and did not farm as well as the other two. It sold for $239,785 ($5,950). Allen Henslin, auctionner at Henslin Auctions, says the land sold to neighboring farmers and did very well, considering crop prices. “Farmers here had excellent yields this fall, so there is still some optimism,” he reports. Click here for the full Acre Value report.

Nebraska, Cuming County: Two tracts totaling 260.45 acres sold November 18. The land is northwest of Wisner. Tract 1, 100.45 acres (98.41 tillable), has mostly Nora and Alcester silt loam soils. It is irrigated with a 850-gpm well and comes with a diesel engine, gearhead and nine-tower Valley Sprinkler. It sold for $758,398 ($7,550 per acre). Tract 2, 160 acres just north of Tract 1, has 157 tillable acres (of which 4.99 are in CRP, paying $237.92 per acre through 2023). Soils include Nora and Moodly silt loam. The tract is irrigated with an eight-tower Valley system coupled to a six-cylinder JD engine, with the well pumping 900 gpm. Tract 2 sold for $1.112 million ($6,950 per acre). Farmers National had the sale.

North Dakota, Pierce County: Three tracts southeast of Rugby, totaling 424 acres, sold November 18. Tract 1, 312 acres, has 111.36 acres tillable, 74 acres in pasture and the rest in CRP (paying $5,503 per year through 2022). Soils include Heimdal-Emrick, with a Productivity Index of 73.3. Tract 1 sold for $346,000 ($1,109 per acre). Tract 2, 72 acres, has 66.3 acres tillable with Heimdal-Emrick soils. It sold for $208,000 ($2,889 per acre). Tract 3, 40 acres, has 34.39 acres tillable with a PI of 68.7. Soils are mainly Heimdal-Emrick/Esmond. It sold for $74,000 ($1,850 per acre). Steffes Group had the sale.

Ohio, Fulton County: Three tracts totaling 111.76 acres were up for auction November 18. The land is just west of Wauseon. Tracts 1 and 2 are 71.76 acres, all tillable with Ottoke sand and Gilford fine sandy loam. These sold as one unit to an adjacent landowner for $494,896 ($6,911 per acre). Tract 3, 40 acres, did not sell. Robert Frey and Sons had the sale.

South Dakota, Clay County: Three tracts totaling 295.64 acres sold November 21. Tract 1, 38 acres (37.56 acres tillable), has mostly Egan-Ethan-Tetonka soils with a Productivity Index of 77.5 (based on a 0 to 100 scale). It sold for $228,000 ($6,000 per acre). Tract 2, 80.05 acres (76.84 acres tillable) has a PI of 80.6 and Egan-Clarno and Egan-Ethan soils. It sold for $520,325 ($6,500 per acre). Tract 3, 177.44 acres (171.94 tillable) has an 80.6 PI and features Egan-Ethan-Trent and Egan-Clarno-Chancellor soils. It sold for $975,920 ($5,500 per acre). Westra Atkins Land and Auction had the sale.

Wisconsin, Sauk County: Two tracts totaling 111.41 acres sold November 22. The land is located in adjoining tracts between Baraboo and Portage. Tract 1, 57.73 acres of all tillable land featuring St. Charles and McHenry soils, is comprised of seven smaller fields. It sold for $277,104 ($4,800 per acre). Tract 2, 53.64 acres, has 25 tillable with mostly St. Charles and McHenry soils. There are 24 acres in pasture, with the rest in farmstead with two-story home, finished shop, pole barn, and old dairy barn. It sold for $340,000. Neighboring farmers bought both properties, says Jim Gavin of Gavin Brothers Auctioneers, which had the sale. Gavin says farmers in south-central Wisconsin are hunkering down in preparation for a couple years of low grain prices.

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