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Successful Land Sale: Blackhawk County, IA Land Tops $10,000 Per Acre

A great price for very good farmland.

Farmers National Company offered two tracts of land, totaling 159.5 acres, in Black Hawk County on July 26.

Here's the information per tract.

  • Tract 1: 79.50 acres east of Waterloo, has 75.20 acres of cropland, with the balance in waterway and waste. Soil types include Clyde-Floyd and Kenyon loams with a Corn Suitability Rating 2 of 87.5 (based on a 0 to 100 scale). The buyer gets one-half the 2016 cash rent, totaling $8,400. It sold for $802,950 ($10,100 per acre).
  • Tract 2: 80 acres four miles east of Waterloo, has 58.53 acres of cropland, with 3 acres of non-crop and the rest in pasture. The land has mainly Kenyon and Clyde-Floyd loam soils and the cropland has a CSR2 of 62.7. The buyer gets one-half the 2016 cash rent, totaling $6,5493. Tract 2 sold for $320,000 ($4,000 per acre).

Black Hawk County
The 10-year average corn yield in Black Hawk County is 171 bushels per acre; for soybeans, 51 bushels per acre. The average price for good quality land in the county is $7,800 per acre, while cash rent averages $241 per acre.

For more, log onto Farmers National's website. 

Best of the Rest

Colorado, Kit Carson County: Two tracts totaling 312 acres sold July 22. These are fairly level, dryland farms. Tract 1, 160 acres northeast of Stratton, has 159.2 acres of cropland with mostly Norka and Kuma-Keith silt loam soils. The tract was in wheat, with the seller retaining the crop. It sold for $305,280 ($1,908 per acre). Tract 2, 152 acres just west of Vona, has 151.6 acres of cropland with mostly Kimst-Wages sandy loam soils. The tract did not have a crop on it, and the buyer was to reimburse spraying/farming operations prior to the auction. It sold for $165,148 ($1,086.50 per acre). The two farms averaged $1,508 per acre. Farm and Ranch Realty had the sale (

Indiana, Jasper County: Four tracts totaling 152.3 acres sold July 20. The land is north of Rensselaer. Tract 1, 20.98 acres, all tillable featuring Rennselaer and Whitaker sandy loam soils, brought $190,000 ($9,090). Tracts 2-4 sold as one unit. They are contiguous properties totaling 131 acres. There is nearly 40 acres of tillable land and more than 80 acres of grass. The tracts border the Iroquois River. They sold for $450,000 ($3,435 per acre). Schrader Real Estate and Auction had the sale (

Iowa, Henry County: Two tracts totaling 80.50 acres 2 miles west of Trenton sold July 26. Tract 1, 21.05 acres, has 16.49 tillable acres with mostly Chelsea-Fayette-Lamont soils and a Corn Suitability Rating 2 of 51.1 (based on a 0-100 scale). The buyer receives the 2016 crop. This tract has 3.71 acres enrolled in the Conservation Reserve Program; 2.7 acres paying $624.80 per year through 2023, and 1.01 acres paying $166.92 through 2022. Tract 1 sold for $119,985 ($5,500 per acre). Tract 2, 59.45 acres has 39.62 acres of tillable land with Chelsea-Fayette-Lamont soils. It has 18.87 acres in CRP: 10.96 paying $2,536.24 through 2023; 2.72 acres paying $677.98 through 2023, and 5.19 acres paying $866.31 through 2022. The CSR2 on the tillable ground is 57.4. It sold for $297,250 ($5,000 per acre). Steffes Group had the sale (

Nebraska, Cass County: 74.496 acres east of Greenwood sold July 26. The tract has 73.3 acres of Class II and III tillable ground, with mostly Yutan silty clay loam soils. It sold for $625,766 ($8,400 per acre). Farmers National had the sale ( 

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