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Bank/Financial Instruments (BG,SBLC, MTN e.t.c)

We can help you secure your projects and free up cash from security deposits to vendors, we support company clients, agents and brokers with international projects, Agricultural projects, construction projects, trade transactions , landlords and governmental bodies with financial instruments such as bank guarantees, standby letters of credit, documentary letters of credit and warranties issued by a reputable bank with extensive experience in providing financial solutions for companies and individuals. Depending on your requirements we will provide you with the hedging of orders, the procurement of liquidity, hedging of investors, hedging of funding, export transactions and much more. We proudly offer you the advantage of dealing with a company that is known and respected in the industry for integrity and efficiency, performing under the most favorable terms.

Note: Please be cautious and diligent in your leased instrument voyage, these are desperate times and there are unsavory individuals/entities who are not genuine providers and do not knowledge about these business but out to take desperate measures to defraud the most gullible victims they can find.

For more details and free quote, please contact:

Robert N. Demah
Trade/Finance Director
Revenue Capital Group (RCG)

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