Bushel-ize Your Budget

  • Bushel-ize

    “Look at how many bushels of corn it takes to buy a bag of seed, a ton of fertilizer, or that new pickup,” advises Al Kluis, commodity trader. To make it easy for you, I’ve calculated the number of bushels for each of these items – plus a few more.

    The number of bushels was estimated using the October 1, 2015, December futures price of corn, which was $3.91.

  • Seed corn

    1 bag of seed corn – 76 bushels of corn

  • Anhydrous ammonia

    1 ton of anhydrous ammonia – 167 bushels of corn

  • Pickup truck

    ¾-ton pickup truck – 8,168 bushels of corn

  • 370-hp. tractor

    370-hp. tractor – 88,168 bushels of corn

  • Tablet

    16-gb tablet – 128 bushels of corn

  • Rotary UAV

    Rotary UAV – 741 bushels of corn

  • Grain bin

    50,000-bushel grain bin – 31,969 bushels of corn

  • Class 9 combine

    Class 9 combine – 132,941 bushels of corn

    Sources: Purdue University; manufacturers

Look at how many bushels of corn it takes to buy items for your farm.

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