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Boundary Creation App: Sirrus

Oklahoma State University nutrient management specialist Brian Arnall has become an authority on agricultural smartphone apps – those independent computer software application programs you can load onto a smartphone or tablet. They access information, perform a calculation, or identify a pest right on your mobile device. 

Arnall blogs about apps and other crop topics at In a recent blog, he says, “Apps are nice, because the majority are stand-alone and do not need Internet or cell connection. They can be used when you are in the middle of nowhere (which is a great deal of Oklahoma) and have no service.” 

About scouting and mapping apps, he says, “The only free apps that can create boundaries are Scout ( and Sirrus ( To date, Scout remains my favorite app for in-field scouting notes. Pictures can be tagged with altitude and longitude. 

“Sirrus is by far the best boundary-creation app, with easy-to-use tools for point and pivot boundaries. I was able to add 12 fields in a matter of 20 minutes. Being able to create a grid soil-sampling scheme and to record samples is also a very nice tool. 

“An additional nice scouting tool is South Dakota State’s North Plains IPM app” (, he says. “It provides a pest I.D. tool with morphological drop down. It also gives management recommendations for the identified insect.”

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