Harvest reports & big hog business

  • 01

    The combines are kicking up dust in the Midwest, with some farmers already moving into soybeans.

  • 02

    Some corn yields in Illinois are coming in better than expected, with some in the west-central part of the state ranging from 120-220 bushels/acre.


  • 03

    The grain markets were up and down this week, though one economist said this week the soybean market may be too low considering recent corrections in other pits.

  • 04

    While the grains were up and down this week, the cattle markets shot higher, a sign that the drought-shortened calf crop in the southern Plains may be "starting to show up."


  • 05

    This week, meteorologists said signs point to a likely repeat of last winter's conditions, with cold temperatures and above-average precipitation in much of the Midwest and drier conditions in the Plains.


  • 06

    The big annual Pork Powerhouses report was released this week, showing the 25 largest U.S. pork producers grew by 84,000 sows this year.


  • 07

    This fall's harvest prices for federal crop insurance will be determined in October.


  • 08

    This week saw a big boost to the cellulosic biofuels business, with the announcement of a big-time payout for producers of ethanol and biodiesel from alternative sources. The payouts to refiners will add up to about $80 million.


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